At the weigh-in

Robert Carlson's Winning Dolphin
Andrew Carlson's Winning Dolphin
Dad, Bob Carlson's Winning Dolphin
Will Embry's Winning Kingfish
Robert Huntley's Winning Kingfish
Marcy Burford's Winning Kingfish
Pierce Killer, 1st Place Jr. Angler, Cobia
Richard Kramer, 2nd Place Jr. Angler, Dolphin
Richard Debvec, Winning 'Graysby' Grouper
Chad Woodham's Winning Snapper
Dave Hickson's Winning Snapper
Steve Broxmeyer's Winning Snapper
Brett Harris fished with Jim Tremblay on the 'BWH'
Brian Hart fished with Erik van der Heyden and Darren Garland on the 'CHASIN TAIL'
Robert Carlson's Winning Dolphin
Photo credits: Ashley Dillon on FACEBOOK
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