MCAC Honors Kerry L. Dillon, Sea Rover Services

Friends and relatives in New Jersey are having a memorial service for Kerry
Saturday, July 29, 4:30-6:00PM
Squan Beach Life Saving Station, 124 Ocean Avenue, Manasquan, NJ 08736
(send an email to us at   if you would like a contact person for this event)

This year In honor of Kerry Dillon, who passed away suddenly a week before the Lionfish Roundup, Sea-Life Improvement Project has created the "Kerry Dillon Junior Angler Award" which will be awarded to the junior angler with the Most Lionfish.

The Kerry Dillon Junior Angler Award for the most Lionfish went to Lauren Arrington who caught 5 Lionfish from her paddleboard at the 7th Annual Lionfish Roundup held on June 24, 2017


To Kerry’s Friends,

I grew up in the same neighborhood with Kerry in Middletown NJ.  He lived across the street.  We did everything together including getting our diving  certifications when we were in our teens.  We even had a little diving company when we were in High School.  We would recover items lost overboard at local marinas, replace props, cleaned and inspect hulls.  He was in my wedding party.  I just was with him this past November and did a couple of artificial reef dives with him on the Treasure Coast (Ancient Mariner, Berry Patch, Sea Emperor and the United Caribbean).  He will always been in my heart and memory as a great friend!       

Attached are pictures of us growing up!         David Rosenthal


Kerry Dillon passed away at home on Monday, June 12, 2017.

We were shocked and deeply saddened by Kerry’s sudden passing.  He was a good husband and father to his children and a good friend. He loved his work and during a speech once we heard him say that when he was under water, in the silence and beauty that surrounded him, he felt totally at peace; as though he were closer to God than at any other time. We hope now that he has found that deep ocean and that he will float in God’s grace. He will always be in our memories.

Our very good friend will be seriously missed by all who knew him, most especially all of us with the MCAC Reef Builders. We loved Kerry, who was always there to help with his incredible enthusiasm for life and all things ocean and diving.

A mass for Kerry was held Saturday, June 24th at Saint Christopher Catholic Church with hardly an empty seat. Reverend Aidan Hynes, blessed with the Irish brogue, charm and voice of an angel read an old Irish poem about the sea that sounded like it was written just for Kerry. Mark talked about his life-long friend and fulfilled his opening remark that he would have us crying but will also bring laughter and sweet memories. He did just that! 

In lieu of flowers Kerry’s family is recommending that it was Kerry’s wish to make contributions in his name to MCAC Artificial Reef Fund:



Letter to Florida Artificial Reef Colleagues from Keith Mille, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Tallahassee, Florida


Kerry's FUN videos:
The shark is doing a swim-by...just watching...
A turtle swims up to check out diver Kerry's camera and shows us a barnacle on it's shell!
Kerry came onto a cave with an octopus eye showing.
He left his video camera there hoping to see what the octopus was up to. . . 
Kerry went off with another camera for about an hour.
When he came back for his camera, the octopus was GONE!

Kerry thought the octopus probably just went further into the cave and that he would see nothing when he watched the video. WOW, what a surprise! IT"S HUGE!!!
Click on the picture to read Ed's article
Video of Kerry's Blue Marlin and the Octopus are HERE

Oh, I love it!  This totally captures Kerry's spirit.

Divers loved diving with Kerry – on the surface and underwater.




Photos from Lisa Mongy of an incredible dive trip Kerry organized back in August 2013 to the U.S.S. Muliphen, AKA-61 was commissioned in 1944 as a type C-2 cargo vessel. Became an artificial reef on January 21, 1989.    Coordinates: 27°24.331′N 80°00.337′W

Muliphen Reef, Fort Pierce, Florida

Video of this Muliphen dive event by Michael C. Barnette: HERE

Kerry Dillon and Larry Beggs 2015 in Cuba
Larry is President of Reef Innovations
Our thank to Carol and John Burke for this link to: