April 1, 2017
Petra Heinrich Rediscovers Childhood History
finding the family's old ship
Pirates Cove and Marina, Port Salerno, FL
Video by Alanna Quillen, Fox 29 WFLX
50 Years later - a Family Gathering!
1966 ~ 2016
On Wednesday, January 20th 2016 we met Jan-Ove Hohl who is GUNDA's son. Jan-Ove was here in Florida on vacation with his good friends Annabell Schorling, Lasse Berger and Doerte Schiffmann. They traveled from the Keys to Orlando and we met at the Twisted Tuna for lunch. We were very pleased that our major sponsor, Ted Glasrud, was able to meet our travelers!
You'll see pictures at the bottom of this page that Petra sent for us and now we have pictures of her nephew - here from Germany. 50 years later, we are taking care of the PETRA-GUNDA now as an artificial reef called HAILEY GLASRUD...all children's names. One day we hope to meet Petra, Gunda and more family to celebrate this new life for their ship.
Jim Weix is a volunteer with MCAC Reef Builders and has written this article for the Coastal Angler Magazine about the Petra Gunda and the Hailey Glasrud Reef...Thank You Jim!
Happy to say that we have been keeping in touch with Petra Heinrich and she has sent us a copy of an article about the ship from the July 2015 German Shipping magazine Deutsche Seeschifffahrt. The article includes a picture of Petra as a child on the PETRA GUNDA. It was written in german and here it's translated for us. We especially enjoyed the part about the ship originally being named for children "Petra' & 'Gunda' then 50 years later, again for a child "Hailey'...and video of the spectacular sinking which is going around the maritime world.
Our thanks for this translation from German to English courtesy of Oliver Lohrengel through

Christof Schwaner, Press & Communication, VDR – German Shipowners‘ Association

To open the original translated document in pdf format please click here:

Deutsche Seeschifffahrt - The Second Life of Petra Gunda

This aerial video of the sinking went around the world and found a woman named PETRA!
Perta sent us this picture and we will be keeping in touch with her.
Heinrich shipping company:

March 5, 2015

My sister Gunda lauched the ship. I am the little child. On the last photo it is my father on the bridge.

Somehow he became old with the ship.

Kind regards, Petra

If I were a ship... I think I would rather be a living reef than anything else at the end of my useful life span. I believe it is an honorable burial for a ship. Hooray for all involved!       ~ Greg Karson