Our 'Reef Builder' Volunteers

Why don't volunteers get paid? Because they are 'PRICELESS'

from left to right on Dave Powell's 'R KA NU'
Baret Barry, Owner, H2Overboard
Jessica Rudd, Martin County Engineering
Jim Weix, The Real Estate Company
Betty Olliges, Stuart Sailfish Club
Cindy Sullivan, MCAC Treasurer
Marjorie Belcher, Safari I Deep Sea Fishing
Dave Powell, MCAC Vice President
Curt Croteau, Ace Tackle
Kathy FitzPatrick, Martin County Coastal Engineer
John Burke, MCAC President
April Price, April Price & Associates, PR & Advertising
Missing from the picture:
Kerry Dillon, Sea Rover Services
Dr. Chris Wigley
Steven Goethel, Stuart Fly Rodders
Tom Zwarych, Diiver and Fisherman

Martin County Artificial Reef Fund is a 501(c)(3) Corporation set up several years ago to enhance the artificial reef program of Martin County. Our first success was the deployment of the Wickstrom reef in 2003. We want to build on that success and would like to continue a network of additional artificial reefs. Working in conjunction with Martin County’s active focus on improving our reef system we believe that we can continue to create an artificial reef program, which can compete with any other county in the state of Florida.
Fund raising is necessary to accomplish our goals. With that in mind, the Artificial Reef Fund launched the 1st Annual Reef Builders Tournament in 2007. Our primary fundraiser is our Annual Reef Builders Tournament, we are now in 2015 having our 9th tournament. 
Your sponsorship is needed to make this event a success. All proceeds from the event will go to the Martin County Artificial Reefs Program. What do they do for economy? Check out this  report on the socio-economic benefits of artificial reefs.
If you are not familiar with the program, this report will show the value of artificial reefs in our community.