Stuart Corinthian Yacht Club Artificial Reef

4725 Capstan Ave, Stuart, FL 34997
772 221-1900
The Naming Rights for this reef were purchased by The Stuart Corinthian Yacht Club.
The video was provided by Kerry Dillon's Sea Rover Services for the MCAC Reef Fund
just days after deployment.
Deployed: August 29, 2009
Depth:   185 feet
Profile:     10 feet

Lat. N27 13.040' , Lon. W80 00.306'

Concrete Box Culverts, Pilings, Bridge Railings, Footers and High Junction Boxes


These 'rubble piles' were placed in the Sirotkin Site in August 2009.

Each Pile is made up of 500 tons of concert rubble, pipes and pill boxes place in 187' of water south of the Towers.

The NAMING RIGHTS for these reefs belong to:

Balantrae Anglers
   N 27.12.936 / W 80.00.280

Pirate's Cove
   N 27.12.814  / W80.00.289
Stuart Corinthian Y.C.
N 27.12.040 / W 80.00.306