Naming Rights sign for the Ann Marie Reef June 2008
Deployment of the Ann Marie Reef
Deployment in progress
Ann Marie Reef Naming Rights Sign on her Reef
Chris, Kevin and Kerry, Sea Rover Dive Team checking the reef post deployment
Growth on the reef just 1 year later
Checking out their new "Fish Hotel"
Naming Rights sign for the Ann Marie Reef June 2008



Artificial Reefs in South Martin County, Florida

MCAC Reef Fund plans to keep contributing to the artificial reef program off Martin County. To help continue the momentum moving forward as well as help raise money, Martin County has donated 6 already established reefs off Hobe Sound to be named by the MCAC Reef Fund. These Reefs were auctioned off at various fund raises throughout the county. The Reef Fund has also been given the right to name the entire area that encompasses these 6 reefs as well as a few others.

These 6 reefs sit in about 65' of water north of the Loran Tower Ledges, are roughly 150' in diameter, about 600' apart and give about 10 to 20 feet of relief. Each site is made up of fish friendly material consisting of structural concert, pipe, and other recycled material. Each site contains over 150,000 tons of material that was deployed between June 11-20 2008.